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We cater to the lifestyle of students, even after graduation, and we continue to ask ourselves a question what if students we more connected, Irrespective of their university or country? What if employers can know more about you and  find you, long before you even drop a CV to their company?

The aim of Gradvil is to decrease the number of Graduates unemployment by providing access to opportunities in our readily known platform.
With this incredible feature,
– Graduates can post their resume/CVs and apply to jobs posted by companies with just 1 click.
– Companies can search for resumes , and ask for your your application.

…or something like this:

Whats exciting about Gradvil?
1. No more old boring typed CVs that can take hours /days to complete – our innovative platform has simple and exciting questions and you can complete filling out the information in just few minutes – for real, in just few minutes.
2. No more printing out hundreds of CVs, to send to multiple employers.
With VarsityXchange, you can use one CV to apply to unlimited amount of jobs – without any hustle or sweat.
3. You can manage the jobs you have applied to and see if you made the shortlist,
4. You can get the direct contact information of the employer.
5. You can see more information about the company, such as their mission, Vision, and values, their achievements, social media pages, logo, and their website.
5. Every company is approved before it can post jobs.